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Hello sweethearts!!

I'm sorry I haven't really post a decent blog post since like FOREVER.

So....I made a video for all of you! 
It's a really really really short one but please watch it over and over because I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to upload it. I don't use Mac so it's rather difficult for me, my sony vegas kept crashing. 

AND when I finally found a way to upload this shit, I got to REDO every shit I did over again because I found a 2 seconds part in the video that I cannot show you. FML REALLY I was so pissed off I teared la. I'm really not made for this. Damn angry.

Here it is, I cropped the part out. It was supposedly my favourite part though.

It's a "My favourite products" video!!

I missed out a few products because I didn't manage to finish filming it (and yes I filmed everything myself.) I went to the park and it was honestly MOSQUITO-INFESTED wtf.  

Not saying this because I'm very "xiao jie" okay, I tolerated for more than 30 minutes but couldn't stay there any longer!

I'll show you a picture of my pathetic legs later on. 

Meanwhile, here are my favourite products!

Favourite BB cream: VICHY BB cream

Love the texture and colour so much!  
About $49.90 at Guardian.

Favourite lip balm: EOS Lip balm in Strawberry sorbet

I think I've said this a million times omg. I really like EOS's lip balm! I got mine from USA and HK. You can get them online from Smoochiezz for about $12 I think.

Favourite lip stick: REVLON Lip butter in Tutti Frutti

I wear this almost all the time! It works a little like tinted lip balm and the colour compliments my skin tone amazingly well. 
Guardian/Watsons for $15.90!

Favourite face powder: Mac Studio Fix (NC20)

Actually, I can't decide between Mac studio fix or my candydoll face powder because I use them both together all the time. But if I NEED to choose between them, I will choose Mac because it gives coverage!
About $50 at Mac counter.

Favourite fake eyelashes: Dollywink No.1 

It looks the best for my eye shape I guess!!! I love any dollywink eyelashes!
$24.50 for two pairs at Watsons!

Favourite mascara: Maybelline Volume Express cat eyes mascara

I really like the brush head for this mascara! I received a few of these from Maybelline's event and Cineleisure event. I don't think the limited edition one (with hello kitty) is still available but you can get the same thing without the LE design at Watsons.

Favourite eyeshadow: Dollywink No.1 Brown

I love this so much!! They have all the colours I want in this palette. :D 
I got it from Dollywink event the other day! You can get yours at Watsons!

Favourite blusher: Canmake Cream cheek 07

Blends really well and ends off like powder blush! 
Can't really remember the price but you can get this from Watsons too!

Refer to the video for the packaging of the products.

My not very happy face after filming that super short video because......

TAADANG. 20 over mosquito bites EACH leg wtf!!!


Thank you thank you byebye!     

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  1. Hello! May I ask what camera do you use? :)
    Anyway, nice effort there, I thought the video was done with lots of effort esp when it's done alone :)

  2. omg you poor thing :(
    Loved the video though! It was quite cute and creative :)