How to: Super easy Christmas nails

I am a superrrrrr lazy person. I know most of you are lazy too. ;) Don't deny.
I am also superrrrrr impatient when it comes to nail art. I have no idea where my patience went to.
I used to be able to sit there for two hours and make crazy pretty nail arts but not anymore HAHA.

Anyway, here's a SUPER easy Christmas nail art DIY! :D
Prepare yourself for CHRISTMAS HOHOHO. It's just a month away!

First, start of with your base coat. Base coat helps to protect your nails so remember to put it before anything else!

I'm using Nail Tek Foundation I Base Coat!

Next, take a silver glitter polish you own and give your nails one thin coat of it!
Apply another coat to the top half of your nails to give it a little gradient effect.

I'm using Silver glitter from Beauty Credit.

Wait for it to dry....

Now you got to draw that Santa hat on your thumb!

Take a big dotting tool (or toothpick, cut the sharp part away and use the flat area) and dip it into red nail polish!

Draw a triangle.

Then, wipe your toothpick or dotting tool clean, dip it into white nail polish and do dots on the flat side of the triangle, and one dot on the sharp tip!

Red nail polish from O.P.I ; White nail polish from The Face Shop

For the rest of the nails, just do dots using your toothpick or dotting tool!!
End it off with a layer of top coat to protect your nail art.

I'm using Seche Vite quick dry top coat.


Super easy nail art. I'm sure you can do this within 15 minutes :D

Hope you like this quick post. Love y'all.

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