Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars


It's my first time on a plane wtf. My parents said I went to China when I was a lot younger but I don't remember it at all so I'll call this my first lol.

Meal on the plane was meh.

The journey took about 3-4 hours. It was nothing 'cause we get to watch Running Man on our way there! YOOHOO! :D

Reached there at about 1 and took the bus all the way to our hotel!

That's the bag that I brought throughout the 5 days trip!
One of the studs fell off before I bring it to Hong Kong T _ T IT'S BRAND NEW WTF.

Oh yes, you guys are amazing.....I posted a picture of the street opposite my hotel and most of you guessed it right!

I stayed at Cosmo Hotel and the staffs are really friendly :D

Changed out of my horrible flight get-up HAHAHA and got ready for the first night in Hong Kong.

That's my outfit of the day xD Top from Blogshop Empire.

Thank god for all the sponsored apparels! They came in the nick of time.T _ T I was dwelling over what to wear for my trip to HK!

We got to a place near our hotel for dinner.

Was meh, again lol. Some ribs in char siew sauce in noodles. And the lemon tea is HORRIBLE BLEHHH.

Got to sasa and shop the hell out of it!! Their things are cheaper compared to Singapore so I stocked up quite a bit lol.

Went to their famous Avenue Of Stars!! Crazy pretty night view there.

I hope I have a photographer around with me so he/she can snap pictures for me :'( Boohoo.

We didn't manage to watch their laser show 'cause there's no laser show that day!! T _ T

Love their cuttlefish! They sell it almost everywhere with tourists.

And I agree my sister looked kindda silly standing right in front of that statue like that HAHAHAHA.

Went to their night street for a while and got some snacks to eat.

And that's my first day in Hong Kong! Not so interesting 'cause we just touched down and didn't have the time to do much.
Will be blogging my next few days soon!

Anyway, I thought it will be way too quick for me to end my first day like this so this is a video of my Hong Kong Haul.
You don't have to watch it if you don't want to lol. IT'S BORING.

Love you bye!

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