Bags of love.

Most common fashion disaster!!

Here are some tips that I learn from some fashion lookbook and magazines :D

Pastel colours!
I'm wearing a pastel pink and blue cardigan and I matched it with a green satchel from Jipaban.
Light colours work well together. Black bags matches every outfit but personally, I think black bags can make an outfit look dull and boring if you were to wear something that looks soft (like this pastel colour cardigan).

I like to match my cardigan with big bags. Makes everything look a lot more casual and 'studious'!

For dark coloured tops like Navy blue or black...

They are the most versatile colours so I don't usually have any troubles matching any bags with them!
I'm wearing a flowy top so I matched it with a smaller bag to make it look a lot more decent for a date/dinner.

The bag I'm featuring is from Jipaban! Petite Silver studded clutch bag!

Like I said, dark colours are very versatile so you can match it with light colours too.
For this, I matched it with a mint bag! The golden chain makes the entire look classy!

 Bag from Jipaban, Deyn Mint Sling bag.

Hope this short fashion post helps you a little! HAHAHA :D


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  2. Pei Shi, u r a bery pretty & smart gal.

    Wish u always happy, healthy, success with full of blessings in your life - love,friendships, more & more youtube subscribers, more interesting fans at fb, more twitter followers!! Cheers!