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Hey ladies, do you have this problem?

I have this problem too!
I get so pissed off with my messy hair!
Sometimes, I really feel like pulling them off my head!!!

All of us want to enjoy our day with pretty hair!!!

Due to this problem faced by many girls out there, Sunsilk created this NEW product with 5 natural oils in them!!


There are two variants in the NEW Sunsilk.
I'll be introducing the "Nourishing Soft and Smooth" range in this post!

The NEW Sunsilk has the perfect blend of 5 NATURAL OILS.

What are the five natural oils?
Argan - Restructures and moisturizes our hair!
Almond -  Gives elasticity to get perfect movement!
Coconut - Nourishes dry hair!
Babassu - Gives superior softness and smoothness!
Camellia - Leaves hair shiny and non-greasy!

What are the benefits?
It penetrates deeply into your hair to nourish it AND it creates a protective layer to lock all the goodness in the hair so you can have soft and smooth hair throughout the day!!

Shampoo! One of the most important things for our hair!

I tried this product and I really like it!
Unlike some other shampoo, my hair feels extra clean and light after a wash!

Next up, conditioner.
Conditioner is extremely important to me as well.

After using Sunsilk's conditioner and shampoo, my hair instantly gets smoother and a whole lot easier to manage.
Best part of all, I managed to use my fingers to comb through my hair without any tangles!

The consistency is very thick too. Thick = more good stuff in there? xD

I will use hair mask every once or twice a week because my hair is extremely dry and frizzy.
Some of my friends told me that they really want to cut my hair away because it looks way too dry. -_-

Look at how thick this is! I can flip the entire pot over and the hair mask stays inside!

Lastly, their brand new product...

Nourishing Oil spray!

It's a bi-phase spray because you need TWO shakes to mix the TWO babies inside (moisturizing cream & nourishing oil). Then, TWO sprays for instant moisture!

My hair says "YUMYUM!"

Not sure if you think this is important but the SMELL of hair product is very very very important to me!
So, I put them all to the smell test..

If they are edible, I'll eat them all HAHA. #Greedy

The smell of the shampoo is a little different from the rest of the product because it is not as strong but it still smells great on the hair!
Not sure how to describe the smell but it smells a little like honey + butter to me!

If you're interested in these products, here are some of the ways that you can get them FOR FREE!

Sunsilk came up with this contest called "Good Times Extended by Sunsilk on Instagram!"
It is an Instagram contest!

Here's how you can participate:

1) Go to www.sunsilksg.com

2) Authenticate your Instagram account.

3) Take a photo of your daily activity that represents good times and how Sunsilk is a part of it.

4) Tag #SunsilkGoodTimes on your Instagram posts to get them on the gallery on the microsite.

Keep posting!

Most number of Instagram posts gets 1 year supply of Sunsilk hair care products.
Most creative Instagram post (weekly winner) gets $100 worth of Sunsilk hair care products!

Also, grab yourself a sample from their microsite!
Their trial kit contains shampoo, conditioner and nourishing hair spray!


Extend your good times with great hair that lasts longer!

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