Bits and pieces.

The app is out so I downloaded it and tried it on Furball! Super fun!!

Furball without eyes lol.

I think my furby's a comedian now, so the eyes are like this :D


I piled a lot of makeup on my face the other day, after filming. I thought I shouldn't waste them so here's a picture of me LOL.

My complexion is very bad now. I can't do skin care regime post until I find the right products for my face! The old ones don't work anymore. My forehead's breaking out and my cheeks are super dry. You cannot see them in the pictures though.

Some of you requested me to take a picture of how my DIY hairband will look like if I wear it, so here are some!

I didn't change my top to match the hairband. Just wanted to snap a few pictures to show you how they will look like on.

I should have left the braid a little longer so the roses will be lower.
Remember to tweet me a picture if you made this floral hairband!

Will be back to update soon, I hope. Love you all and thanks for reading!

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  1. Your fur-ball looks SUPER damn cute !!

  2. OMG, your furby is so cute!! I want to own oner also, I jealous!! XD

  3. Hi Peishi, can you do a tutorial on how to draw eyebrow ? Yours is nice and natural :D