Recent Haul.

I've been shopping for quite a bit recently and some readers requested me to post up my haul!

So here I am! :D

To my surprise, I bought a lot lesser than I thought I would have. I guess it's considered a mini haul.
All these are purchases outside, not online!
I usually buy stuff from Taobao only, and the stuff I bought from Taobao aren't here yet so they wouldn't be included in my recent haul.

Here are the stuff that I remember buying! Not sure if I missed out any! xD

Roughly what I bought!
I'll go into each and everyone of them so you'll have an idea where I bought these from.

These are tops!
One long sleeves and the rest are full of holes lol. Which means I'll have to match them with something inside.
$10 each from Cotton on's Sale :D
I bought them from the IMM outlet but I guess it's possible to get them from many different outlet.
Just to share with you, my favourite Cotton On outlet so far, is the one in Anchorpoint Shopping Mall (if I'm not wrong) because I bought most of my cotton on clothes there!

 Face Wipes from Topshop.
Went shopping at Vivo City the other day and I ended up with this because I was running out of makeup remover.
I don't really like it because it didn't remove much of my makeup lol.
This is $6 though.

Floral Hairband from F21 Somerset 313!
I don't usually splurge on hairbands but I've been looking for a pretty floral hairband for quite some time, and the ones I find are not the one that I want.
BUT! It's $8. Heart pain 'cause honestly it's a tad bit nearer to the expensive side pfft.
I'll try to make my own floral hair band and do a tutorial on it so we can all save $ !

Leopard print shades from F21 Vivo City!
I wanted to get this at the Somerset outlet but there's only one left and it's kind of dirty.
So I went down to Vivo to look for it....and there were plenty of this left on the shelf! Super happy.
$7 for this!

Two checkered tops from JB's Sutera Mall.
RM50 for two, about $11 for one!

Wedges for RM35.90 at Sutera Mall! HALF PRICE yoohoo!
LOVE this. I wanted the black one but the design's kind of messed up so I got this instead.

My second favourite eyedrop. Rohto C Cube! (My favourite is the Lycee one haha)
Got it from Malaysia's Watsons because it's cheaper.
I guess you can get this from Guardian/Watsons in Singapore!
I saw them here for about $7.90.

Makeup removers! Need them so badly.
Biore wipes refill and Bifesta's BrightUp Cleansing Lotion!

Oh and this! Nearly missed it.

Mac's Concealer NC25.
My foundation is NC20 though lol.
$30 at Vivo's Mac counter in Tangs.
I swear the professionals have magic hands! She tried this on me and covered up my freckles entirely! O_O
I bought this home but I didn't manage to do the same fml. Shall try a different brush!
OR maybe I don't have magic hands omg.

That's all I bought recently! :D
Now you know where I buy some of my stuff. :)

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  1. Hey peishi! Just wanted to let you know it's refreshing seeing people post the haul photos (the editing of pictures) and also fonts you use in your pictures. Adorable! Keep up the effort in blogging!
    And lastly, you're pretty :) So be confident about how you look yeah! Even without make up! :)