It's been a while since I've been to JB with my family.
If you're a new reader, I used to go to Malaysia once every two weeks, or maybe every month, to visit my relatives.

I thought I should be active and blog everyday so even though I don't have much to blog about lol, I should just post up the food photos I took.

We went to Kinsahi for dinner! A Japanese restaurant in Sutera Mall.

My Seafood Ramen! I felt a bit cheated because the pictures showed prawns D: I was craving for prawns and bleh, this came.
Costed about RM16.90 for this bowl though.

My sister's Tori Katsu curry. RM18.90 for this. She told me it's VERY crispy and good.
I tried the curry and it's really yummy!

Parents' Kimuchi Salmon head soup.
Quite yummy but a bit too salty.
I don't remember how much it cost but I'm guessing it's about RM20+

That's almost all we ate! I didn't take much photos because I didn't bring my camera lol.
I bought quite some stuff though! Maybe I'll gather everything I bought lately together and make a haul post.

In case you miss my face..

HAHA wtf here's one (or maybe three) from my instagram.
I didn't put any makeup so.... I didn't camwhore as much xD

Oh and I'm using Princess Mimi Bambi Brown lens! Love it 'cause they make me look like I have vampire eyes lol.

Till then. x

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