Little cherry nail tutorial

If you haven't notice, I changed my blog URL to!
Itsthylife will still be accessible and it will automatically direct you to this blog.
Anyway, here, a super quick and easy nail tutorial!
This simple nail art suits short nails. It will also suit long nails but probably you'll want to work it with other designs! Like adding french style in and all.

By the way, I find the photo quality kind of bad here.
Probably because I took these photos at night.
Sorry but you gotta bear with it just for this post! ):

Start off with your base coat. (I'm using strengthener from The Face Shop because my base coat ran out.)

Now we'll move on to drawing the cherry.
Drip a drop of green on a piece of paper,  take your small dotting tool and draw out the stems in dotting motion.

Like I said, it's okay if you don't have a dotting tool!
Bobby pins, or even toothpick works the same!

 Next, using a bigger (or biggest) dotting tool and dot out two big dots below the stems.
You can make use of the back of your paint brushes if you don't have a dotting tool, or even toothpick! Just cut your toothpick into half and use the flat surface!

Lastly, you'll want to take your smallest dotting tool available (or toothpick) and draw something like a curled up exclamation mark (!) in one of your red dot.
This will make your cherry a little more 3D or 'dewy' haha.

Very simple and you can do this to any of the designs.
You can overlap this design on criss crosses designs (like the one on my nails) or draw small ones over your french tip design!

Hope you like it~

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  1. Hi Speishi! I'm a fan of yours and may I ask where did you buy yhat dotting tool in singapore? thanks! (-: