Sorry I can't find a suitable subject.

I went to Bugis to shop with Rachell the other day.
And it's funny how nearly all my blogpost have Rachell in it. #foreveralone
But it's okay I like it.

Anyways, we headed to bugis to shop.
This time round, I bought some stuff. HAHAHA I'm always empty handed I have no idea why.

Got I love Taimei and sat at the stairs for a while~

And then we went to Somerset, supposingly to watch movie, but we failed 'cause H&M's kids section is too amusing for us. xD

We got to Javier's for dinner!
Some Fill-e-plate thingy that cost us like $11.90.

I have to say...The food there is pretty good...

but if you were to stack every random thing up like ...


It's quite disgusting hahahaha.

And we couldn't eat 'cause we were laughing like crazy.
"Eh Rachell who ask you put so much mushroom gravy now everything have the gravy!!"
"Eh Peishi your mushroom make everything black okay!"
WTF and when we were stacking the food, the food drop out of the plate and we have to use our hands to put them back.
 And I was greedy I took too much fruits. I was afraid that the watermelon will drop so I push it in the mash potato. EEEW I KNOW HAHAHA.

 Root beer is $3 each :)

I'm ending this with my face.

BYE! ♥

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