How long more?


Feels really weird to type here... since the last blog post omg it has been like what, 5 months?!
I have been putting all my attention on my YouTube Channel lately, if you haven't subscribed to me, please do!
Feels a lot to update the same things on every platform so I have been cutting down on blogging...
BUT all of a sudden I feel like blogging again 'cause, this is really where everything started. Feels like a waste to stop blogging entirely just because I've been caught up with other platforms.
Blogging still feels a lot more personal, somewhere that I can really sit down and talk about things that I feel very attached to personally.

Anyway, as you may know, I have been travelling!!!
Travelling may not really be THE WORD because I'm just flying around the same countries (due to work) haha.
Just recently, I headed to Korea again for A MONTH. It has been two years since I went to Korea, and I really wanted to go to Jeju Island this time round so we managed to head down to Jeju for two days... which was REALLY NOT ENOUGH omg. Trust me, if you want to head down to Jeju, please spend more time there! It's really SO BEAUTIFUL, I went down before Spring came, it was still really cold, it will be perfect during Spring though I feel.

Everywhere were picture-perfect, I really LOVED IT there!!! *_*

Some pictures we took that didn't make it to my IG~

This was at Mysterious Road - if you haven't heard of it please google it omg it's super cool! It's like a road that defies gravity, it looks like it's an upslope but it's really going downwards.

We went to Osulloc & innisfree Tea Museum/Cafe, there is this really pretty green tea field next to it, also perfect for pictures. T _ T Any angle looks great.

We headed to lots of waterfalls as well hahaha anyway my dad drove us around in Jeju, transport will be an issue if you don't drive but you can always hire a driver to bring you around the places in Jeju!

The wind was super strong when we were there though, freezing my nose off LOL.

Got to try seafood by the sea!!! SOMETHING OFF MY BUCKET LIST! The abalone was sooooo fresh.

Not sure where this is but it is also REALLY PERFECT FOR PHOTOS OMGGGGG HOW CAN?

I LOVE YOU JEJU!!!! Can't wait to head back there once I get the chance to!!!

Lately, I have been receiving lots of supportive messages. Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for being concerned about how I am doing.
I am doing a lot better, am still trying very hard to let go of certain things, but I really just blame it on how sensitive and emotional I am as a person, also how I get super super attached to things or people so I find it extra hard to let go. Have been trying to convince myself that everything happens for a good reason and soon enough I will see...

I choose to believe bad things happen to us to teach us a lesson in life.
We gain some we lose some. It's okay.

Anyway, thanks for being an amazing friend for me to confide to, thanks for sticking by all these years y'all! ♥

Till the next time, take care.

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  1. The photos are pretty cool and thanks for sharing 😊

  2. will keep supporting you peishi! btw the photos is so nice ! keep going ! <3

  3. I know that Jeju was a kingdom independent of the Korean Peninsula during times past. Really wish to head to Korea some day. Meanwhile, I am writing a book on the international status of Taiwan. Feel free to drop by my blog to know more about Taiwan :)