Sponsored Post - The Body Shop Drops of Youth

Who doesn't want to have younger, smoother and fresher skin?

Even at my age, I worry for sagging skin to come in the near future, which is why prevention is key!

The Body Shop sent me this box the other day and I couldn't wait to open it because.... few drops of the fountain of youth?! YES PLEASE. xD

This is the Drops of Youth range that The Body Shop came up, a full regime of day-to-night steps to round-the-clock youthful skin!

So thankful to The Body Shop for coming up with a full step-by-step skin care regime of this range, super convenient and not confusing~

Here's how you can incorporate this range to your day-to-night skin care routine!

First of all, start off with nicely cleansed face.

After cleansing, apply Youth Essence-Lotion to prepare and activate your skin so it will be ready to absorb all the goodies coming up next!

Next, Youth Eye Concentrate!

Apply Youth Eye Concentrate around your eye area as it helps to reduce fine lines and fatigue~

After that, apply Youth Concentrate!

The Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate has a new formula and consists of 3 plant stem cells which include Edelweiss, Sea Holly and Christe Marine!

As stated on the picture above, the power of these 3 plant stem cells will help to refine your skin texture which results in smoother, fresher skin, as well as visibly tightened pores!!! *_* #GOALS

Really love the texture of the Youth Concentrate, as you can tell, it's very rich, but absorbs almost immediately into your skin!

Does not leave any sticky or greasy after-feel on your skin!

It's very important to keep our skin moisturised so after Youth Concentrate, end off your morning skin care routine with Youth Day Cream!

It moisturises, yet feels very light on the skin!

At night, you can skip the Youth Day Cream and instead, put on Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask!

It helps to regenerate your skin while you're sleeping at night, and you'll wake up to firmer, smoother skin! ^_^

The texture of the Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is very interesting as well, just like its name, the texture is very bouncy and jelly-like!

The full skin-care regime for round-the-clock youthful looking skin!!! *_*
It's not difficult to achieve, like what they said, there are only lazy women, no ugly women. ;)

Visit The Body Shop's page for more details~

Thanks for reading!

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