Hello NYC

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of~~~


Stayed around Times Square, which is definitely the BRIGHTEST place I've ever been to, with all the crazy flashing LED screens, lights....
I realised Times Square is the best place to stay in 'cause no matter how far away you're walking out of the area, you will definitely find your way back. All you have to do is to locate the lights. xD

Brooklyn Bridge from afar, which we visited few days after!

The flight took almost 24 hours as a whole, including transit time.
We had to stop at Frankfurt for a transfer...
Holy crap the flight was one hell of a ride. T _ T
Realised what will hold me back from visiting the states isn't exactly the money... 'cause after all that we have to spend, we must take the unavoidable and yet torturous flight to and fro. NOOOOO.

Took a ferry to Liberty Park to see Statue of Liberty!!!

Finally got to see this.... Ever since I was really young, I've ALWAYS wanted to take a look at Statue of Liberty in person, and it's quite an amazing feeling that I've finally managed to see it, within my own abilities, at just 20.
For some reason, it's just not something that I foresee to visit the states anytime this soon.


Visiting a far away country, at least 9000 miles away from home, actually made me think a lot a lot about life and things. Like how we are just really really tiny in the world, and the little bit of success that we gain, is really not as much as we think it is.

Anyway, new video up on my YouTube Channel!!!

Will be editing "Take me to New York" soon, but the footages are a tad bit too messy and excessive, having troubles trying to fix them up together just yet, and I'm flying off to Tokyo in another few days!!!

Thanks for reading and watching~
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  1. Said left in the US
    Video image was beautiful

  2. Said left in the US
    Video image was beautiful

  3. Said left in the US
    Video image was beautiful

  4. Aww Welcome to NY!!! <3 The statue of liberty is a must see for tourists :D
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  5. hi peishi :) i wanna ask about what camera you use to take all this picture ?

    I love your blog and video, and of course YOU!
    More videos please ! :D