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Hello all beautiful people~!

Today, I have something amazing to share with you, and to some of you, it's probably gonna help you so much that it's LIFE CHANGING!!!

We will be talking about HAIR REMOVAL issues today.
I think most of us HATE having to remove hair at some areas of our body (especially for us girls), say underarms, thighs, arms....
It really is such a hassle to remove them regularly since they will grow back (probably thicker than ever) in just a few days. T _ T

It's hideous having to go out with unsightly hair on areas we do not want.
My main concern will be underarms, but I know a lot of girls have huge concerns over hair growth on thighs and arms!!!

Fret not, it really isn't something we should be worried about since all of us go through these issues!

One way to can get rid of these hair and make sure they don't grow back long term is to go through IPL which is a process of permanent hair removal using light-base hair disabling utilisation.

Going for IPL sessions outside regularly can be costly and time-consuming after a while, so Expressions came up with something that will tackle ALL the problems above!!!



It's a handy IPL Machine that we can own at home, and do IPL ourselves at our own time and target!

The box includes the main IPL body, Velvet pouch, Goggles, Plug, Cartridges, User Manual.

I have to say, I'm really surprised by how light and compact My IPL is!!!
You can bring it everywhere, it's really convenient for you to bring it along when you're travelling.

I will show you how it works!!!

Before you start on IPL, you will need to shave the area you need to be treated a day before~

Plug it in, press and hold on the button and it will start up~

You will hear the machine starting up, and the light at the front will change!
That's when you can start using My IPL~

The light will be red when it's not placed properly on your skin, and it will turn green if it's ready for a shot.

There are 5 different levels for My IPL, depending on which is more suitable for your skin, and which you find more comfortable to work with.

Once you're ready for a shot, remember to wear the goggles provided to keep your eyes safe from the light!

Press the button and the light will shoot. :)

It is very quick, powerful and long lasting~

After that, apply hair inhibitor which will help to reduce your hair growth!

You can apply aloe vera gel cream or ice pack over it if you need, and try not to expose your skin to the sun after the procedure!

Instructional Video -

That's all!!!

How does it work?

After a while, your hair will get finer and finer!

After one treatment,

My IPL can be used not only on your arms, but can also be used on your upper lips, underarm, and many more. My IPl can also be used on the following problem areas as shown.

Expressions My IPL is 3-in-1 as it not only helps with hair removal, you can change the cartridge to the two other cartridges provided that will help with SKIN REJUVENATION and ACNE CLEARANCE!

You can easily switch out the cartridge and proceed with the process I've shown above!!!

Skin Rejuvenation helps to rejuvenate your skin with the light transmission that will reach the deep layer of your skin and cause melanin to disperse. This results in smoother skin as new collagen and elastin is stimulated to increase! This also helps to reduces pores as the light transmitted to the follicle causes a constriction to the stretched follicles and thus, pores becomes visibly smaller.

As for Acne Clearance, the light helps to induces the build up of collagen and new cells to grow, which helps to reduce your acne scars! On your newly grown acnes, the light will destroy it and stop the inflammation! Chances of acne recurrence is also greatly reduced as bacteria breeding is stopped. :)

It's amazing how you can tackle so many skin issues with just one device! :)
Really convenient as we do not have go for treatment outside so often, especially when we need to get it done in a hurry.

Expressions "My IPL" comes in 3 super-value packages for us to choose from; Standard, Premium and Luxury.

It's so convenient how a compact device has so many functions to it, and is actually really affordable from just $199!!!

Small, light, powerful and long lasting shots, 3-in-1, portable and affordable!
What more can I ask for... xD

Thank you Expressions for introducing this amazing "My IPL" device to all of us!!!

For my readers, you can quote "PEISHIIPL" to enjoy $30 discount!!!

To purchased and for more information, visit

Thanks for reading~

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  1. *O* This product looks super cool and useful. At first glance, I thought it was one of those skin cleaners haha!
    TONYMOLY Backstage Gel Eyeliner Review @ bijou-heart

  2. Hi Peishi,

    I went to Expressions website and it was $449... How come there is such a big difference in price??

    - KSL

  3. Hi peishi, is this painful to use?:/

  4. Hi, I just want to leave my experience here... I'm using IPL for 2 years now and I'm glad I found this technology! It's great although I have to use it every few weeks... but it's worth it :) Regards

  5. Appreciating the hard work you put into your blog and detailed information you present. It's awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same old rehashed material. Excellent read! I've bookmarked your site and I'm including your RSS feeds to my Google account. Skin rejuvenation services