Bad meaning good, you know?


Recently, I haven't been experimenting with many different makeup style 'cause I've been really comfortable doing my usual light makeup since it fits the daily look more.

Decided to try out another makeup look yesterday, point is to try something I don't usually do!

I posted this on my IG and I'm glad many of you are loving this look!

I tried doing my eyebrow slightly more arched than usual, since my usual eyebrow shape is straight.

Turns out not super arched still 'cause I had to follow my brow shape else it will look way too thick.

I had on partial eyelashes as well, just stuck on the outer corner of my eyes.

I don't usually put on falsies so I guess that's the thing that made the change haha.

If you like this look, I'll do up a makeup tutorial soon, BUT it's actually a lot easier than you thought, just need a lot of your time and patience.

I didn't use much eyeshadow. I used Shading Powder to contour my eye socket and the sides of my nose bridge.
Ending off with glitter eyeshadow on the centre of the eyelid + inner corners!

Conclusion is..... as much as I like this makeup, I won't be able to do it everyday 'cause I'm way too lazy to spend so much time on my makeup HAHA.

AND I don't want to be too reliant on thick makeup else I'll get even more inferior when I see my bare face.

It's sad.


And many of you have been asking, I'm using Freshkon Misty Grey contact lenses in these photos.
Not the most comfortable and takes a while to get used to but it looks a lot more natural in my eyes than those enhancing lenses.
Digging these natural coloured lenses haha.

I'm loving Freshlook's daily coloured lenses as well in Hazel and Grey. Looks pretty similar but just 13.8mm (super natural), and a lot more comfortable since it's daily disposable. (Also a lot more expensive though)

Okay that's all for this post!

Thanks for reading as always~


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