A different kind of date.

Hello my beautiful friends! :)

About a week back, I went out with my family.
Instead of a usual 'family date at the mall', we went to Pasir Ris Farmway to look at puppies/dogs put up for adoption.

We didn't visit the place thinking of adopting a dog since my dad has been disapproving of the idea of having a dog at home, and that we are not confident of taking good care of one just yet (since it requires a lot of time, effort and money).

It's so heartbreaking to see these adorable dogs, used to live under the care of humans, left unattended, ended up being abandoned to live in such conditions.

If you're looking to get a dog, why not consider adopting one?
They all need love the same way as the dogs in a pet shop. :(

Spotted this Shiba Inu that I was dying to bring home. ;(

We asked if it's HDB-approved but it's not so we can't bring it home.

This place is up every weekend called Mutts and Mittens, if you're planning for a day out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it's a nice place for a different kind of date.

We went to IKEA afterwards 'cause it's just nearby. LOVE the food there!!!!
Damn, those hotdogs. (That's what she said)

That's all for this post~

Thanks for reading~ xx

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  1. Those dogs look adorable yet it's so sad that they don't have families to care for them. I personally love dogs. Thank you for posting about this place.
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