Bukchon Village and Gwangjang Market

I'm back for more updates in Seoul!!! :D

Hope you liked my previous post hahaha. I've finally found time to sit down at home again. Past two days were hectic! My parents came over to Seoul for a 5 days vacation so we hung out and went to lots and lots of different attractions in Korea. (Will update soon!)

Anyway, I'm still at the first week.
We headed to Bukchon Village. I've visited that area once last year and I really liked how relaxing the area was - loaded with quiet and pretty cafes.
Loving how they maintained the traditional houses while adding some modern tweak to it so we have some entertainment there as well.

There are rows and rows of shops, many selling vintage things and cute collectables.

This house has surveillance camera at the gate. Probably too many tourists loitering around here hahaha.

I uploaded a picture on Instagram and some of you left comments saying Roommates are around here!!! Doubt their neighbourhood is easily accessible right.... Else fans will be camping outside just to catch a glimpse hahahaha.

Anyway many dramas are filmed here as well!!! Like Personal Taste with Lee Min Ho in it. xD

Pose it. Werk it. ;)

Gorgeous place, really!!! I took a picture at this exact spot last year as well hahaha.

Stunning clothes with crazy prices.

I had churros as well!!!! I LOVE THIS CHURROS from Street Churros!!! Just 2 000won for their Cinnamon one!!!! Super super super crispy and sweet.

Later that night, we had some street food to satisfy my craving for Kimbap haha.

Kimbaps are Korean sushi by the wayyyy.

And odeng!!!

My face was swollen 99% of the time 'cause of the extreme cold weather lol.

Anyway, I filmed more videos so I didn't take much pictures.


Anyway, the next morning, we headed to Gwangjang market, which is a must-go for all the korean food fanatics.

Again, not many pictures that day but videos...plenty!! :D

Hope I can find the time to edit the videos and release it soon!!!!

We had some drug kimbaps (those tiny ones), odeng and pancakes~ Already really full after. Omg.

Alright, that's all for now! See you soon!!!!! :D

Thanks for reading!


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