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Everybody knows I have a huge cosmetic fetish HAHA. I tend to go crazy buying cosmetics (even when I don't think I need them), so this place I visited absolutely took my breath away!!!

All the different shades of eyeshadows, blushers, concealers, face powder, brow powder and lip colours all neatly placed on the huge table display!!!!!!


I was so confused when I had to pick out my favourite shades.



INGLOT cosmetics is founded over 30 years ago from UK and they can be found at about 500 stores internationally.
The amazing thing is, INGLOT currently has a presence at all major beauty happenings and events around the globe, from runways of Fashion Week, to Broadway musical such as The Lion King!!! *jaw drops*
Cheap thrill but omg, I'm using the same cosmetics they use. O_O

I made a visit to their store located at Wisma Atria, B1-14, the other day to pick out my favourite products and create my very own palette out of their FREEDOM SYSTEM!

As you can see the huge array of palettes on their table display, we can select our favourite shades of either eyeshadows, blushers, concealers, face powder, brow powder and lip colours, and put them all in a palette!


The staff at INGLOT are really friendly and they cleared a lot of my doubts! You can approach them if you need help!

My Freedom System palettes~

3-piece :) They suggest I put all the cream consistency ones together in a palette!

For this, I chose the packaging with mirror because it's handy for me when I bring it out~~

10-piece palette! :)

Their 3-in-1 eyeshadow is the BOMB!!!!

Another palette I chose has two lip colour, one blusher, and one face powder!

I love FREEDOM SYSTEM because it's..


After putting them in palettes, you can stack them up because they are all magnetic! NEAT OR WHAT?


I really dislike some ready-made palettes which I don't get to use some of the pieces in the palette because they just don't suit me.
Now that I can customize my very own palette, all the pieces will be useful to me because I LIKE ALL OF THEM!


You can create multiple palettes and they can ALL be different according to your individual style~
It can be such a unique gift too, don't you think??

Another cool thing INGLOT introduced to me are their loose pigments!

I don't usually use loose pigments because they are really difficult to work with and they get ALL OVER the place. T _ T

INGLOT has this special solution called Duraline which changes every powder form to gel/creamy consistency! You can mix it with eyeshadow powder and it will change into a gel eyeliner~ ^_^

I've mixed my loose pigment with Duraline to create a cream eyeshadow so it will look more pigmented and will be a whole lot easier to work with! My face will not have lots of glitter anymore YAY.


You just need one little drop to work with so that bottle will last you a reeeeaaaallly long time haha.

Some other products from INGLOT~

Their HD illuminizing loose powder which creates a HD finish so you will look FLAWLESS in front of a camera. ;)

Their cream foundation which I LOVE because it's super light-weight, it's almost like water!

And their waterproof KOHL eyeliner and mascara!

Their KOHL Pencil is the BOMB as well. Smudge-proof + Waterproof so you can line it on your waterline safely~


Anyway, I've created a look suitable for your New year's countdown party using ALL INGLOT products!

I love the sparkle to my eyes thanks to the loose pigment + duraline!!!! ^_^

INGLOT Singapore
435 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238877 
Tel: 6887 3128

They are just located at Wisma Atria, basement 1~ ^_^

Do check them out!

Xoxo, thanks for reading!

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  1. Can you please do a makeup tutorial on YouTube using these products?
    I love your blog and you YouTube channel!! 😊

  2. Hi.. may I know which brand of contact lens are you wearing?