Featured blogger of the month is me!

Hello hello hello!

The featured blogger of the month of December on Nuffnang is ME so here I am to tell you more about myself.

First of all, I think most of you already know who I am HAHAHA so it's quite stupid for me to introduce myself all over again.

BUT I'm still going to do it 'cause I want to, and I guess some of you out there might be pretty new to me so just in case you're wondering "WHO IS THIS LITTLE GIRL HERE BRAGGING ABOUT HER EXISTENCE TO THE WORLD", here I go (with juicier thing that most people don't know about me just to make it a little more interesting.)!!!

(Just ten times better looking since pictures are always a little bit deceiving LOL)

I am born in 1995, just in case you're wondering, some people think I look too young for my age, while some insist I am 5 years older. I choose to believe that I have a more mature mind, not 'cause I look old or anything, ahem.

Anyway, I am quite an easy-going person until someone decides to make my life difficult.
Then I will go all diva-ish *snap snap snap fingers*.

So....most of the time if you think I'm acting a bit arrogant or a little bit diva-ish, I'm having a very bad day.
I kinda like to make sure I get everything I deserve on a bad day 'cause it's already bad so nothing should make it worse hahahaha just a princess side of me.

Otherwise I'm pretty much easy to get along with... I guess.

I'm an awkward penguin, but once you get to know me I'm really not that bad haha.
I sorta like to act like I'm a princess HAHAHAHAHA but I'm joking 80% of the time so~~~~

I'm kind of humorous you know, that's a plus. HAHAHA. #HumbleBrag

You might know me from Instagram or Twitter as well 'cause that's where I update most often!!!

I'm also a YouTuber (I promise I will update more often once I am less busy!), and I post mostly about Lifestyle and Beauty...pretty much the same on all my social media platforms. :)

Do subscribe to me haha.

Anyway, as I said, I'm very into beauty so I take care of myself A LOT hahahaha and that's where all my sponsors come to part. They are a huge part of my journey, so I have to share with you here!

My Hair Sponsor - CLEO Hair & Make
My Nail Sponsor - CLEO Nails

My hairstylist's name is Takuya, if you need to get an awesome hairdo (NEW YEAR IS COMING) PLEASE FIND HIM!!! :D

My Skincare Sponsor - IDS Clinic

It's not an easy job to make sure your skin glows everyday so I am very thankful to IDS Clinic for taking me one step closer to my ideal skin!!!

I think Fashion is sort of a part of beauty as well 'cause how you dress affects your overall look.

I love playing dress-up as well but I have a really laid-back casual style, mostly inspired my K-fashion.
(K-fashion K-beauty are the trend so as a beauty-enthusiast I must follow with my heart and soul HAHAHA)

Btw, I'm never as serious as what you see in my pictures on Instagram HAHA.

As a Lifestyle personality, I do share a lot of things in my life as well.

Like the food I eat.

BTW I eat quite a lot for my petite frame!!!! I LOVE FOOD.

My family...

And my friends...

In my journey of blogging, I have to thank Nuffnang & Churpchurp for giving me a chance to shine, and for some of the international brands that I have worked with throughout these years. :)

Some of the favourite brands I've worked recently with are Innisfree, The Sims 4, KFC, Kate and more! :)

There's gonna be a lot more to come so I hope you will still be here to embark on this journey with me.

I hope you like my short yet sweet post HAHAHAHA.

Let's all grow together - KEEP FIGHTING! :D


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