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Ever since I got into the whole 'korea fashion' fetish, I've been using a lot (by a lot I mean A LOT) of Korean cosmetics.

One of my absolute favourite has got to be innisfree! 

innisfree takes up almost half of my makeup collection, and my everyday makeup routine mainly consists of products from innisfree too.

Why do I trust this brand so so much?

First of all, innisfree, directly translated to "free island", is a brand which depicts NATURE.
They make use of reliable ingredients obtain from the benefits of pure nature, reaped consciously from Jeju Island. 

Another reason why I love innisfree so much is that they fully support eco-friendly things, which adds on to their brand promise. 
It's no wonder innisfree is Korea's number one naturalism beauty brand~ :D 

(One more reason why I like innisfree so much is because their spokesperson Yoona & Lee Min Ho are so good-looking~ T _ T )

What is MORE exciting is that~

As much as I love shopping, sometimes, I'm too lazy to get up and head all the way to physical stores to purchase something. 
That is when online stores come in handy because... I get to fulfil my shopping desire, without having to bring myself all the way to the physical store!

So the exciting news is that... 

innisfree now has their own global e-commerce website at http://innisfreeworld.com, which means you get to purchase your favourite innisfree items online! 

Anyway, in case you're wondering what amazing products innisfree has to offer, here are their 3 BEST PRODUCTS.

First of all, innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask! 

My sister uses this pretty often because she's young and having lots of problems with enlarged pores and sebum! 

innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask keeps your pore CLEAN and REFRESHED! 
It is a 6-in-1 powerful clay mask which helps to tighten your pores, enhance your skin tone, control your sebum, deep cleanse your skin, exfoliate, and has a cooling effect to it. 

Any pore-related problems? You HAVE to try this. 

Oh, and it is made by the stiffed lava after the volcano of Jeju exploded. :O 

I will usually use this once a week, after applying my toner.

Another one of their best products,

The Green Tea Seed Serum!
This is sooooo highly raved by so many people I knew I had to give this a try.

Before I talk about how well it works... it smells amazing! That's one bonus point for this product 'cause smell is quite important to me haha.

This Green Tea Seed Serum is made with eco-friendly Green Tea and Green Tea Seed oil, with Green Tea leaves harvested from Jeju Island!

I absolutely love how bouncy and hydrated my skin feels after application. 
It should be applied right after face wash so your skin will be able to lock up all the moisture. :)

If you're looking for a product that gives you full hydration, you have to go for this. :D 

Next is innisfree's cosmetic product. 

I am a loyal fan of this as I've used up almost three of it already haha. 

innisfree Long Wear Cushion! 

It's a BB cushion with better benefits because it is really long lasting and sweat proof!
I think this base product is perfect for us who are in Singapore because the weather is so humid and hot.

Everytime we head out with beautiful makeup done, the sun just HAS to ruin our nicely-done-up-face. 
Usually in 1-2 hours, our base makeup will be smudged, and most of it will be gone.

That's when innisfree Long Wear Cushion comes to play!!!! 
It is SWEAT PROOF, and moisturizing (which is perfect for my dry yet slightly oily skin). It can last me the entire day, without much touch-ups.

It's a part of my everyday makeup routine because it's easy to apply and it smells like nature. Hahaha.

I'm using #13 light beige. ^_^

Anyway, all of us has different skin troubles and we all hope to find products BEST suited for our skin problems.

I find it such a hassle to look up every single product in a store, just to find the perfect set to match up to my problems!!!

If you're having such troubles...

innisfree is the place you should go hahaha because they are such nice people. 

They grouped our problems into 8 major problems, and came up with their 8 solution kits!!!

What are the 8 solution kits, and what do they tackle??

8 solutions to tackle 8 major skin concerns include...

Wrinkle care
Nutri-moisturizing care
Skin Troubles (acnes)
Total Care
Pore Care

innisfree sent me 3 different trial kits from their 8 solution kits and among the 3, the one I needed the most is HYDRATION.

In this trial kit, it includes a set of 7-days trial sized products to tackle the skin problem you're worried about.

And also a sheet mask!!! 

For hydration, it's their GREEN TEA series. :D 

The good thing about innisfree e-commerce website (innisfreeworld) is that, you get to purchase 7-DAYS TRIAL SIZED PRODUCTS from 8 solutions to try out!
I know, I know. 
Most of you are worried if the product will be suitable for your skin. That's why this 7-days trial products come to the rescue. :D If you like it, you can then purchase the full size! 
They are ONLY available at innisfreeworld so it's an exclusive benefit for online shoppers. :)

Other exlusive benefits from innisfreeworld are...

Jeju super volcanic pore clay mask special set!
- It comes in a set with the Full Size Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask + mini Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam + mini Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner 

Buy One, Give One!
- If you spend over USD50, you will get two trial kits from 8 solutions for you and your best friend. :D

I LOVE THE POUCH it's soooo cute and there's a letter from Lee Min Ho printed on the inside of the pouch, with Lee Min Ho's pictures as well. 

I think you will like this pouch as much as I do.... SO!!!!

innisfree and I will be doing a giveaway for you!~


WHAT you will be getting: 

Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml
Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask 100ml 
8 solution home trial kits (Hydrating, firming, anti-aging)
Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam 150ml 
Long wear cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ in #21 & 3 refills in #13, #23, #31
Letter Pouch and an Eco Bag (which is damn cute omg) 

THAT'S EVERYTHING YOU WILL BE GETTING! It's basically everything I've received, and I LOVE all of them, so I bet you will love it as much as me. :D


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3) Tell me what's your favourite product and attach a picture of it!


Good luck everyone, I hope you get this awesome bag full of goodies from innisfree because they are the BEST~

Giveaway ends 20/10/2014, 2359! ^_^ 

Visit http://www.innisfreeworld.com and start shopping!!! ^_^

Psst, hope you get that cute pouch with Lee Min Ho's little message inside!

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  1. Have you tried the water glow cushion before? Was it really different from the long wear cushion and which one do you prefer? (: