July Favourites

I'm thinking of making more videos now so I hope you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow up CLOSELY~~~~ Hahaha!

Anyway, if you didn't get to catch my latest video, please do! ^_^

It's about my July Favourites, ranging from beauty to fashion to food, hope I inspired you to shop and get some of the things I really strongly recommend you hahahaha (since those are my favourites of the month!) ~


IOPE Forever Pink Lipstick 
- I got this online! You can google and find a reliable seller selling the genuine piece. 

Innisfree Eyebrow Pencil
- I got this from Innisfree's outlet. Available at Plaza Sing and Taka! 

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist
- Same as the eyebrow pencil!

Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara
- You can get this at any drugstore like Watsons! 

Tony Moly Blusher #13
- I got mine from Korea at $5 but you can get this in Singapore as well, just a tad bit pricier. Tony Moly is available at Bugis or you can google to see if there's any outlet nearer to you! 

Forever21 Ear Studs
- From Forever21 of course haha. Got it for $7 a set!

Puma Wedges Sneakers
- I got mine from Puma at Vivo! 

Meiji Melon Milk
- You can get this from any major supermarket I think! There's watermelon available as well! 

Meiji Panda Snack
- It's not as widely available anymore but you can probably still hunt it down, so far I can't find them at any NTUC. 

Alright, hope you like my video and my short write-up hahaha. 

Thanks for watching and reading! 

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  1. you didn't mention the face shop's concealer! may i know what shade are you using? (: