Hanging out at *SCAPE with Ben

I am dying to shop!!!

I feel the urge to head out so much because it's the GSS season.

Who wouldn't go crazy over the word SALE. xD

Ever since GSS started, I've been trying to find time to head out to shop.
So...about a week back, I met up with Ben and we decided to head down to our favourite hang out place.... *SCAPE, to shop, play and eat. Hahaha.

I think *SCAPE is always the first place that comes to mind when we want to hang out 'cause it's a place for youngsters HAHA and I am still a youngster *flips hair* (not sure about Ben though, he's a bit old but I'll give it a pass for his never-aging-looks)!

Anyway, we met up and decided to eat first since we were both starving.

My favourite place to eat at *SCAPE is NENE CHICKEN!!! It's from Korea and has really yummy juicy chicken set meal at a student-friendly price.

OMG just look at that. I didn't get to eat Nene chicken that day 'cause both Ben and I were down with sore throat LOL. I thought it's a NEED to post my swicy chicken set here 'cause it's soooo DELICIOUS and I am craving for them now haha.

We had sushi buffet at Sakae Sushi in *SCAPE instead, which was pretty good 'cause I got to satisfy my Japanese food craving that day as well.


Happy satisfied tummy~

After lunch, we wanted to find somewhere to chill first and we saw KBOX!

Super tempted to sing but we two weaklings were having sore throat so we had to find something else to do.

We went upstairs and saw O School!!!
I come by here to dance sometimes but today I'm not really ready for dancing so we decided to take some selcas at the open area upstairs HAHAHAHA. #ItsAYoungstersThing

Then on our way back down, we saw neoprint machines omg. HOW NOSTALGIC!!!
I used to really love neoprints, I have like a HUGE collection of the neoprints stickers at home.

We went shopping around *SCAPE and come make a guess which is my FAVOURITE shop!!!
I will always stop by this shop every time I'm at *SCAPE.

It's The OOTD!

They have plenty of clothes at really really affordable prices, as you can see from the pictures. I'm always there to look for treasures. xD

Also saw this banner that day - Spend a minimum of $25 and receive free $5 *SCAPE Voucher when you pay with YONO Flashpay card. There's chance to win a vacation too! O_O Wahhhh shopaholic me is getting very tempted.

Got to shop around more at Level Two and *SCAPE Underground...also on the hunt for more cheap deals since it's GSS!!!!

Found a pair of shoes I love in my FAVOURITE COLOUR!!!!!!

Guess how much is it?!

It's $15 for the pair I'm trying. And look at the rest beside me at $19.90! O_O I LOVE SALESSSS.

Waited for the weather to be less humid and headed out to shop at the bazaar. Really cannot contain the shopaholic in me. CHEAP DEALS EVERYWHERE, I bought a pair of shorts for $15 only!

I heard Bazaar is held every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to shop at the Bazaar, make sure you're there on the right day~

My outfit of the day~

Looking very happy! ^_^

That's all for that day! Had fun hanging out with Ben!

P.S *SCAPE is having a giveaway on their Facebook page now! Click the link HERE!

You can follow SCAPESG for more updates from their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter~

Click HERE for more info about *SCAPE GSS!

Thanks for reading!!! xx

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  1. Are you two together?

  2. helloo! I love your blog and I love bright and happy your posts are! I also adore your style and I'd really want to know where your beanie is from? It's super cute;;