Cocktail making session with People's Association

I wouldn't say I'm much of a fan of alcohol, but I wouldn't deny that it's pretty cool looking at bartenders mixing drinks, shaking the shaker and pouring out different coloured drinks in glasses.

Since young, I've always wanted to try shaking that shaker in those fancy moves and come up with different unique drinks myself!
And you know what's cool?
The People's Association invited me to an exclusive Cocktail Making workshop in conjunction with Valentine’s Day on the 15th of February held at the stunning SOPRA (Pan Pacific Hotel) and I got to try making the drinks myself!

I never knew PA will come up with such interesting courses for people of our age group as I thought the courses are either more for seniors or children. 

Honestly, I've always thought making cocktails looked really clean and easy, but my experience kind of proved me wrong.
Every job has it's own difficulty, I guess. Looking at all the different bottles with different coloured liquids made my head spin.

We were supposed to be teamed up in groups of 4! Each group has a table with items and ingredients we need to make cocktails. :)

Before we get to do hands on, we had to go through a theory lesson first HAHA and frankly speaking, the quick lesson was really interesting because we get to learn about all these bar equipments that used to be alien to me, but I couldn't wait to start making those cocktails myself!!!

This is the PA Guest Trainer from Drinkdings!

We were given notes to look through and also recipes for the cocktails we will be making.

Look at all these fancy-looking colourful syrups on the table hahaha.

Anyway, my partner of the day was my cousin!!! ^_^

Finally, we got to start doing the hands on!

Of course, being the most excited one, I'm the first to pick up everything on the table haha.

We had to follow the recipe closely in order to get the right taste but in the end we added more of the things we like. xD
We need a bit of a twist to match our tastebuds right...?

The boston shaker looks really big next to my tiny hands hahaha.

The bartenders always make it seem so easy shaking these shakers but actually, it's so tough!
The metal shaker is really cold since we had to fill it up with ice, and it's quite heavy so it's really amusing how the bartenders can make shaking shakers look like a breeze.

To add on, making cocktails is a pretty 'dirty' job.
Our tables ended up in a mess and our hands all sticky and dirty from the syrups.

As you can see from my expression hahaha.

It was really really fun but I have to admit it's tougher than I thought!

Anyway, we had to made three different drinks, The Adam/Eve Forbidden Fruit Martini, G-spot and Honeymoon Decadence.

My favourite drink is The Adam/Eve Forbidden Fruit Martini because it's a lot sweeter than the rest and it's apple flavoured!

Holding my favourite drink. It's the first drink we made and it tasted really good we thought we were pretty damn good at this HAHA.

We had to cut fruits for the decoration as well~ Can't leave a martini glass looking plain!

Cheers to our successful first-try!!!! Wait...where's my drink?! xD

This is the second drink, G-spot. (What a name...I know hahaha.)

This drink consists of Cranberry Juice, Tomato Juice, Peach Archer and Gin.
The taste of tomato turns out quite strong in the drink so I didn't like it as much as the first.

The last drink, Honeymoon Decadence, consists of Passion Fruit Juice, honey syrup, chocolate essence and rum!

The interesting thing about this drink is that we had to put the exact right amount of chocolate essence in the drink so the colour will turn out orange with a tinge of brown.
BUT! As you can see in the picture, the colour didn't look very good hahahaha. #Fail

Nonetheless, it still tastes really good like passion fruit with a hint of chocolate but I still prefer the first!!!

With my manager, Jayne!!! :D

And a shot with all the people at the cocktail making session. :)

It was a really fun and eye-opening experience, I have to say.
Since it's my very first time at workshop with People's Association, I think it was quite a good one!

TheTrainer was very nice! A lot of us had a problem with opening the Boston shaker after mixing our cocktail so he went around different groups, teaching us how we can open it up easily.
On top of that, PA was very nice and prepared food for us so we got to enjoy really yummy pizzas after the course. :)

Now I can make my own cocktails, raise your hand if you want to try my cocktails!!!! xD

If you guys were like me and thought that PA only offers art courses or taichi courses, you were wrong! 

Check out their e-book here!
The e-book has some handy tips ranging from fitness to some yummy recipes too! There are so many different courses to pick up from! You can click on any of the titles in the e-book to sign up directly for the course!

And if you still can’t find a course that suits your style, log on to and search for a course!

Thanks for reading~ xx

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