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Do you hate the troublesome money transactions you have to go through when you shop online or when you need to send money to your family or friends?
If you own an online store, do you hate to go through all the hassle of money transactions with customers?

I owned an online store not long ago and one of the main reasons why I had to close it down was because I couldn't find time to manage it.
Money transaction was definitely a hassle since I could only do bank transfer. My customers had to go through the hassle of transferring money to my shop as well!

I hope someone will come up with something that can be more convenient for both my customers and I so online shopping will be a breeze!


The latest and easiest way to transfer your money to anyone, almost anywhere!


MMM is a P2P (people-to-people) money transfer service that allows the Sender (Maybank customer) to transfer funds via his mobile phone to anyone with a local mobile number.

That means, as long as you're a maybank customer, you can transfer money to ANYONE (doesn't have to be Maybank user) as long as you have his/her number!

Way too easy to believe huh? :D

To Send
All Maybank Online Banking customer can do money transfer to a local mobile number. (Collector)
MMM is available via Maybank Mobile Banking App (search “Maybank SG” in Google Play or App Store) or via desktop (
Activation of service via Security Token (Transaction signing) is required but it is just a ONE TIME activation, so after that, everything will take place within a snap of your fingers. ^_^

To Collect:
-Any party can be a Collector!
He need not be a Maybank customer, but he needs a SG-registered mobile number and a SG bank account. 

There is a daily limit for using MMM. Sender can send up to $500 a day while collector gets to collect unlimited amount of money. :)

Now, let's try the Maybank Mobile Money service!

You can download the Maybank Mobile Banking App "Search for Maybank SG" Apple App Store or Google Play! :)

Download your Maybank Mobile Banking app and there you go!

You can login to start sending money to anyone as long as they own a SG bank account and mobile number! 
MMM collect is where you can collect money from the senders! As easy as that! :D

MMM is easy to use, definitely created so money transaction can be quick, convenient, and easy and 1,2,3!
Signing up is also very quick, on top of that, you're only required to go through activation process ONCE to enjoy this application.

MMM can be easy to easy, it is also very secured. 
Service needs to be activated via Transaction signing and limit is determined by the sender!

There are many ways where you can use MMM! 
For example, if you're out with your friends for a meal and forgot your wallet, you can transfer money to your friend via MMM! 
You can also pay the dry cleaner or any home service providers easily using this app!

Simple as that!

Maybank will be coming up with their "Maybank Magic Number Campaign" on Facebook, and also at their roadshow!

On Facebook,

There will be a daily draw starting from 18th November, Monday to Friday, any time between 12pm to 2pm, there will be a winning number (0 - 9) released on Maybank's Facebook Page (!

If the last number of your mobile number matches the magic number, you get to win up to $100!

Winner will be notified by phone and announced on Maybank's FB page the next day. 
First five qualified winners get to win $50 each. 

Winners who have used MMM will get additional $50 winnings, which means you'll get $100! :D

There will also be a grand draw where 10 qualified winners will be selected (from people who have registered for this contest) and will be given $100 each!

Winners who have used MMM will get additional $100, summing up to $200 total winnings for the grand draw! :D

Maybank will be having a roadshow at selected Maybank branches!
Starting from 16th November, there will be an hourly draw at roadshows. 
A number will be released at the roadshow's site hourly and if the last digit of your mobile number matches it, you get to win $5! 
There will be 10 winners for each hourly draw. :)
If you credit your prize money to a Maybank savings account, you get to double your prize money~

WHO DOESN'T LIKE CONTESTS LIKE THIS?! Super easy to earn yourself a little bit of cash! Do join the Facebook and roadshow contests by Maybank when it's out! :D

Thanks for reading!!!

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