A cuppa coffee

I love exploring hidden small cafes, settle down, sit back and have a cuppa coffee, don't you?

I can't really find time to do this but this is definitely a secret hobby I have! I love visiting these beautiful cafes.
Unlike everyone else, I don't EXACTLY just sit there and relax....I'll usually take out my camera and snap lots of pictures. xD

Long ago, I've visited this cafe located at Farrer Park called L'etoile. I enjoyed myself there so much I told myself I'll look for another cafe like this soon!

On many popular food blogs, THIS particular cafe was mentioned many times, and it absolutely caught my eyes!

This cafe is called Carpenter and Cook. :D

19 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598120
+65 6463 3648

Loving that vintage flare to every tiny thing in the cafe...


There are so many art filters available on my camera but I particularly like this art filter called Dramatic Tone on my camera because it works PERFECTLY well with these stunning cakes!!!!

The art filter function on my camera is amazing because it's so easy to use and it can bring out different moods just by using a different filter on the same picture.

Check this out!

I love how it emphasises the colours and details of the cakes. Made them look way too yummy...

There were a huge variety of desserts but the fickle me finally made some orders in the end. :D

This is the pop art filter. This time round, my pastries look a lot sweeter because of the colour enhancement!

Right to Left: Latte, Passionfruit Tart, Cappuccino, Chocolate Muffin, Lemon Drizzle Cake.

I love how easy the Photo Story function on my camera is! Beautiful pictures all captured in a collage within a few clicks! No need for good photo editing skills to get such professional looking montages. :D

Pin-hole effect on my camera to add on to the vintage feel!!!
I find it pretty amusing that my camera can capture such a gorgeous picture. All these art filters are taken using the camera itself so it cuts down photo editing time. Less trouble for a nicely filtered picture - can't wait to transfer all these pictures to my smartphone via WiFi!

I love the Passionfruit Tart so much! Not sure if you like pastries with that citrus sour taste! I don't like my dessert too sweet because I will get bored of them very quickly.

The lemon drizzle cake gives that slight sour taste as well, I LOVE IT!

My sister really liked the muffin~ It has that super strong chocolatey taste so if you're a chocolate lover you have to try that! :D

I hate it when I have to stir the coffee art away. T _ T

Leaf design on my cappuccino and a heart on my latte. :)

The coffees are pretty decent. I'm not very picky when it comes to coffee hahaha, actually, they all taste almost the same to me.

The total bill of this high tea came up to $25.

I love how much thought they put into designing their cafe! I hope I can bring all these pretty cups home haha.

Can't stop using the dramatic mode on my camera HAHAHA it really makes everything so much more dramatic and BOOM in your face!!!!

Pictures in this post are all taken by Olympus Stylus XZ-10 :)

Thank you for reading!!!


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  1. Nice cafe! and it's quite cheap for high tea!

    xx Mandy

  2. The picture quality from XZ-10 is great! And all the food looks so yummyyyyy! <3