All these little things

It has been a while since I did a post about what I've been doing in my life...So here's one!!
Ever since I started school, I don't have the time to blog about my life anymore. Like, what's there to blog about anyway.. T _ T It's just SCHOOL, EAT, SLEEP, SCHOOL, EAT, SLEEP.

And every weekend, when I finally get the time to hang out with my friends, I just want to lepak and not snap a lot a lot of pictures. Partly also because I'M LAZY TO DO THAT LA lol.
PLUS I usually hang out till late on Saturday, and I have to rush home to do my homework for hangul lesson the next afternoon. O_O
So, I've been rather busy for the past one month or so.

So lazy that I haven't been putting much effort in my makeup also - which is also another reason why I don't wanna take pictures with my camera.
But I admit the picture above is quite nice lol. HAHAHAHAHAHA. ALL HAIL IPHONE CAMERA AND FILTERS!

Okay enough of the complains haha, hung out with Rid and Hao on Friday. We followed BT to collect car so that's why you saw all the atas car pics on our instagram.

On OUR Porsche. It was ours for that ten minutes.

And also on the convertible, looking very cool as always *cough*...

You can see hao's face, not looking very pleased because...

It's actually not that fabulous on a convertible because of the wind HAHA.

Here's a fabulous pic to wash your brain hahahaha. WASH THAT UGLY PIC AWAY FROM YOUR MIND.

The next day, my family wasn't around so I was all alone at home.

This is my take on KIMCHI FRIED RICE.
Which didn't turn out as good as what it looks. AS EXPECTED wtf.

At night, Jian Hao and I went to Swee Choon for dinner. Both of us were starving la so we ordered like some gluttons.

So stupid HAHA. We were so shocked at the amount that we couldn't stop laughing omg.
Even the waiter was so surprised lol.
"You sure you can finish all?"


That's all for this post!!! And hopefully I'll get to blog something like this again soon.

Anyway, I made a new video!! :D No mirror makeup challenge.

Even though I think I look bad without makeup, BUT NOT AS BAD AS HOW I LOOK IN THE VIDEO lor!!! I'm guessing it's because of the harsh light from my new ringlight and also the bad angle haha.
Or maybe those are just excuses wtf.

Thanks for watching, if you did. :)


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