Sponsored post: Salon Vim

If you haven't already heard of it, HAHA, my new hair sponsor is Salon Vim! :D
And so far, I'm very satisfied with their services!

The other day, I went back to do some touchup for my hair!

I didn't really take good care of my hair for the past few weeks so it became like this...

The colour faded, hair became really frizzy, damaged, and my fringe grew longer and made a fixed ugly parting. O_O

I thought I was balding but my stylist said I wasn't near balding HAHA.
However, I still chose to change my parting a little and cut my hair!

So I coloured, cut, and did an awesome treatment on my hair. :D

They did this REDKEN treatment for me.

It started with two spray treatments, first one to reconstruct my hair, and the second one to balance pH so my hair can absorb more of the goodness from the treatment mask!

They did the "Colour Extend" + "All Soft" + "Extreme"!

The salon was empty the other day. Usually, Salon Vim is really packed!
Call up Salon Vim Bugis: 6837 0073 to book an appointment beforehand!

You can ask for stylist, Steve. He does my hair! If you like any of the hair Salon Vim did for me, you can look for Steve. ^_^

That's my hair after everything!

This colour looks more like how it will look in person.
More to ash/greenish brown!

Thank you for reading! x

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  1. Hihi, may I know where do you get your lens?

  2. I think I'm balding too ;___; I'm scared to dye my hair! LOL so much hair falls out everyday I think that maybe it doesn't grow as fast as it falls!

  3. How much is the cost of whole treatment?

  4. May I know how much is the total cost of the whole treatment?

  5. How much is the cost of whole treatment?