I made a new makeup tutorial!

As promised.....

Simple makeup look for tapered eyelid!

It's super easy and you can do this makeup in like....15 minutes? Though I spent quite a long time to film this video lol.

Hope you'll like it though there are some glitches here and there :(
Took me freaking long to figure out how to upload it. I think I'm cursed. Can never post a video successfully without any problems, like EVER.

Products used:Vichy BB cream
Mac concealer
Mac Studio Fix
Candydoll loose powder
Dollywink eyebrow pencil
Dollywink eyeshadow 01 & 03
Dollywink eyeliner
Maybelline Hello kitty volume express mascara
Etude house Cherry red lip stain
Canmake cream cheek 07
Para Do cheek powder
ModelsOwn gloss in glass
Kate eyebrow kit

It's actually a korean inspired look as well because ulzzangs usually have really light makeup on tapered eyelids (but they work it so perfectly well damn it)!
I will prefer parallel eyelids still because when I look up, my eyes look swollen. :( BLEH.
The gradient lips are super hot among koreans nowadays so I have to do it lol.

♥ Been really really busy lately. Don't even have the time to catch a breath.
Hope you are doing fine!

Love y'all.

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  1. So pretty and dolly :)
    Hope you do a detailed tutorial for nose contouring.

  2. what's your color for Mac concealer and Mac Studio Fix