DIY: Stud it up!

I am a huge huge huge fan of studs and spikes, if you haven't already know.

One big problem I have here is - The studded things I like are usually VERY expensive (like $100 over at Topshop)! I can't find the RIGHT studded thing I like most of the time! You know what I mean? Sometimes, there's a bit too many studs going on, or too complicated, or too little studs blahblahblah. 

I LOVE TO DIY my own studded/spiked things because I get to choose how the end product will look like.

I've picked out an outerwear and shorts as an example for this DIY post.


I dug out an old outerwear that kindda reminds me of one of the outerwear I saw in Zara (or in some random magazines)! That pair of shorts is from a vintage high-waist jeans. I snipped off the ends of the pants and made it into a pair of shorts. 

There are a lot of different spikes and studs so it really depends on which kind of studs/spikes you like to match the thing you want to DIY.

I've bought quite a few different designs, just in case HAHAHA. 
Bought my studs and spikes from Taobao at about $5 for 100 pieces. I heard you can get them from ebay/amazon or Little India or Arab Street! They are almost everywhere!

First off, I'll pick out the studs/spikes that will match the piece that I want to DIY. I'm doing the outerwear first! I wanted to match it with spikes but it didn't turn out that well so I decided to go for studs instead.

Usually, these studs come with four extended sharp ends so you can prick it through your clothes and secure them in.

Like this! You just got to find the exact spot for your stud to sit, prick it through the cloth and flatten the sharp ends using something flat. Like the flat end of a tweezer. Make sure it's at the right spot before you secure it in because it's PAIN IN THE ASS to take them out lol.

Taadang! IF I'm not lazy, I would've studded up the entire thing HAHA. 

As for my shorts, I chose gold flat spikes!

This flat spike is a little more troublesome to do because there isn't any sharp prickly thingy behind it. You got to poke a hole through the cloth and clip this flat spike in. 

End products of the two very simple examples.

It's so fun to stud things up and they immediately make your DIY piece look diva-ish!



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  1. Your studding looks so professional haha :3