Gyaru enough?

I'm a huge gyaru fan and I yearned to look like a gyaru back then.
I no longer hope to look like one because I know I don't have the Japanese look in me lol.
Reality sucks but here's my attempt to look a little more gyaru than usual...

Just in case you don't know, Rachell and I joined this Tsubasa Masuwaka Look-alike contest! The winner of this contest will win free cosmetics and A FREE TRIP TO JAPAN. O_O

Free trip to Japan. Free cosmetics. OKAY, I JOIN. 

Thank you for voting for us!
Both of us got shortlisted for the casting and yes, that's my outfit and makeup for the casting yesterday!

My look is inspired by Tsubasa in one of the Japanese magazines (I think it's popsister)!
I happen to have the same top and skirt as her so I wore this outfit :D

Anyway, we took pictures outside the lift because it's like a full body length mirror.
BUT something bad happened lol. The door opened when we were posing for a picture O_O
There were people in the lift some more wtf!!! EMBARRASSING OR WHAT!!!!
We were so shocked so we laughed and ran away LOL!

And we decided to take pictures in the toilet instead. HAHAHA.
The answer to your question, guys. This is the reason why we choose to take pictures in the toilet. Safer, less embarrassing AND there are mirrors everywhere in there lol.

Met up with Naonao for dinner at Great World City that day, after casting. :D

I didn't really like my ramen 'cause it was a little too salty for me.

Talked a lot with the girls before we head home. ♥

Oh yes, I was wearing my new Topshop socks!

Very comfortable and pretty!!!

Ending off with a picture I took for the previous advert.

And another picture I took just now when I just got back from school haha. Corporate wear today but I wore my casual wedges and leopard backpack 'cause I couldn't be bothered HAHAHAHA.

Love y'all bye!

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  1. Hi Pei Shi, you look gorgeous :)
    Definitely not humouring you. It's my honest opinion.
    Nice pair of legs btw :) This reminds me... I need to exercise to make my thigh look less heavy.

  2. Its crazy that you say that you don't have the japanese look in you. The first makeup tutorial you did and this picture says something vaguely different