The Sunlight Saga

Met up with Rachell, Billy, Nicshields, our superrrr niceeee manager, Huixian, and Jayne for dinner in town the other day.
Super happy to meet them all. It was a great night ;)

Snapped a pic before I head out that day.

New super cheap camo top I got from Bugis :D
Matched my top with a pistol gun ring from Jipaban.

Settled down at Tampopo in Taka for dinner!!

I can't remember the name of my ramen. Got it because there's MENTAIKO in it.


Billy, Huixian, Jayne!
I realized the guys really like their wooden chopsticks.
That is Billy's natural expression. Doubt he knew I took this picture lol.

Rachell and Nic! That is Nic's natural expression and his wooden chopsticks LOL.

We are the Camo Sisters. #Swag #YOLO #Cool HAHAHAHA.
Sometimes, our telepathy scares me a little. We didn't plan to wear camo that day!

After that, we went to look for desserts at Wisma Atria! Hui xian suggested this cafe but it turns out a little too pricey so we decided to have coffee at Starbucks instead.

Super cute puddings!!! Awesome idea, I'm going to try and make some of these!

I was super tempted to get a slice of Strawberry Shortcake!!
And look at 'Haha Family'!! Laughing strawberries lol.

Camwhored A BIT before we head home!
It's kind of difficult for us to plan to go out together SO IT'S A MUST TO TAKE HELL A LOT OF PICTURES when we're out x)

Just kidding, that's just one of the excuses. ;)

New jeans from H&M; Shoes from Rockport!

Anyway, while Rachell was helping Billy, Nic and I to take a picture, she noticed that we resemble Twilight HAHAHA.
Billy's the werewolf, Nic is the vampire and I'm the human they fight for, wtf.

We were supposed to pull off that grumpy, serious face but I can't do it.

12382047238473th attempt.
Much better, but still looking rather stupid HAHAHA.

We are way too happy to look as grumpy as them laaaa.

Rachell took a photo of the three of us on the floor 'cause Billy suggested this weird idea...


Credits to Rachell!*_*


You really need to see what went on behind the scene LOL.


Lol. It was late so the shopping centre's already quite empty.

One picture with Huixian and Jayne! *_* Super love them one!!

Decent one with Billy and Nic! It was my first time meeting Nic :D

Another one with Billy!

ANDDDD all of them ♥

Hope to see them soon!!!!! And maybe with Noah as well, since he couldn't make it that day. Busy man!

Thanks for reading! x

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