KOSÉ Roadshow

KOSÉ invited me to be their -cough- model -cough- for the roadshow that went on last weekend!
It was at 313 Somerset's Atrium. I've tweeted a few times, remember...? x)

That's Mr Osamu Dobashi, curling my hair before the show. The curls lasted for quite a while, surprisingly!

The shows were on for two days but I'll just combine the two days together since I took more pictures on the second day.

There were two models for the roadshow! Another model is Cher :D
I appeared on stage with completely no make up (fml) and Mr Dobashi did a Day makeup look on me!

LOL and that's my bare face.

A brief introduction while preparing.

Mr Dobashi can't really speak English so we had a translator!

LOL LOL LOL MY FACE. The makeup artist looks good there so I'll sacrifice a bit. T _ T

There were some Q&A going on as well!
The questions were really really simple so it was like a free gift session wtf. I ALSO WANT.

That's after eyeshadow, eyeliner and base makeup!
Already looking different!! O_O
Japanese really have magics hands.....Really.

I was a little scared that my eye bags and dark eye rings will be very very obvious because he didn't use any concealer! Just liquid foundation and powder.
But in the end, they weren't very visible WOOHOO.

He did my hair on stage as well! A quick bun to match my Yukata.

And all done!

Do I look FEMININE? HAHAHAHA. Slowly walk down the stage one lol.

Laugh also will cover mouth. F.E.M.I.N.I.N.E.

HAHAHA just kidding.

So this is how it turned out!
Very nice, cannot see my dark eye rings!! It's very different from the usual makeup I do for myself so I was afraid that I wouldn't get used to it....
...BUT NO! I love it :D Very natural.

No photoshop required HAHA my skin looks almost flawless!! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!

A picture of me in the Yukata! It's my first time in a Yukata :D

After my show was Cher's show!
For her look, she went up on stage with Day makeup on and the Taiwan pro makeup team will change her day look into a night look, suitable for partying at night!

A picture of us, after the show!

Mr Dobashi blinked in this picture but it's the only group photo I have. T _ T Boohoo.

Anyway, thank you KOSÉ for having me! 
Thank you all who came down to support :D
Thank you Wanteng for all the pictures!
Love all of you!!! ♥

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  1. You look so drop dead gorgeous! Especially in a Yukata!

  2. Is it me or he kinda looks like vanness Wu? :D
    And speishi.. you look so pretty!! :)

  3. You look like Dawn Yeoh after the 'makeover'!! :)