Sponsored Post: The day it rained on our parade

Do you know?
On Singapore's 3rd birthday, a heavy rain poured on our parade.
However, Singaporeans stood together. Nobody ran for shelter.

This is the spirit of 1968.

In memory of this day, an app is created on Facebook.
Like “mySingapore.sgFacebook Page and browse their app that shows a panorama of "The day it rained on our parade".

You can scroll around the panorama and click on some characters who will give their individual thoughts on that day, 9 August 1968.

 Illustrations show how Singaporeans held their ground and gave their support on that very special day.

For more details please visit www.ndp68.sg for the app ! :D
This app will be available until end of September.

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  1. Hey, is the year 1968 or 1986? Since you said it rained on the 3rd birthday :) Hehe :)