It's my day

It's my birthday today!!!

YOOHOO!! I don't know about you but I really enjoy my birthday because it's something very special to me, since it only happens once a year!

I went to town to meet Gladis the other day!

Thank you so much for booking me about two weeks before my birthday!! xD

Admit it, I look like I'm 170 + cm here right!!!?!

After that, I went to meet Rachell, Huixian and Jayne for dinner at Sakae Sushi!

Thank you Rachell, Jayne and Huixian for the cake! :D

Thank you bbylove for the ultra big macaroon and Canmake cosmetics!
Thank you Gladis for the Justin Bieber #Believe album!

Thank you Sem1Yr1 class for the nice wishes, and my 5 girls for the cake and card!

Love you all!

I'll have a great day with my family today!
Will blog about my birthday meal with my family another day since it's happening tonight and it's not possible for me to blog about it now LOL.


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  1. Happy birthday Peishi! :) stay gorgeous as always! Will continue reading your blog hehe! <3

  2. Hey Speishi, Happy Birthday!! Stay awesome!! <3

  3. HI PEISHI. I'm so sorry but can i ask you which brand of double eyelid tape are you using?
    Because I have tapered double eyelids but I want parallel lids, but I've tried a number of eyelids tapes but they can't hold my eyelids in place :(
    Thank you so much!

    1. I use secret magic darkness double sided eyelid tape. I blogged about it once, you can try googling :)

  4. Hi peishi, may I know where you got your grey jeans from? Thank you :)