How to: Floral Hairband

Sorry for the lack of posts these days.
I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

BUT! I'm back with a DIY post! I know you like diy posts. ;) Especially when the result is crazy pretty but is VERY easy to make.

How to make your own floral hairband!
There is another kind of floral hairband, the one without the plastic hairband. You can follow the steps to make that kind of floral hairband as well.

I saw this floral hairband in Topshop.
As we all know, Topshop's accessories are -cough- very expensive, so I thought I should do it myself!

What you need:

UHU will be a better choice because you will most probably touch the glue with your fingers. Superglue STINGS if you happen to touch it and is super difficult to remove wtf.

I got my suede strings from Jurong Point. 12 pieces for $3.60. Each piece is about 1m long.
Fake roses from Vivo City's Daiso.
It's okay if you can't find the exact same rose, or the one with bendable wire. It's not the end of the world yet. You can get any fake roses!

First, get three suede strings and tie a tight knot at the end.

Get someone to hold the strings for you. If you're #foreveralone LOL, attach the end to a bottle.

Don't need the same bottle. You can use mineral water bottle or any bottles as long as you have something to grab the end of the strings. (by "the end of the strings" I mean the part you tied a knot at).

Start braiding! All the way down until... looks something like this.
The braid should be a little longer than the hairband. Tie a knot once you think you're good to go.

Start sticking it down!

The trick is to glue part by part, slowly. If you glue everything at one go, it's gonna be super messy.

Get your fake roses and tie it around the knot. 

If you don't have the wired ones, glue the roses on the knot.

Trim the end of the suede strings to the length of your hair. It really depends on how long you want it to look like on your hair.
TAADAA, and you're done!

Hope you like it. xoxo

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  1. Where do you buy trhe fake roses? :)

  2. Hi..mind to share which shop at jurong point?

  3. OMG, you're so creative!!!^^

  4. Hi Peishi, May I know where you got the pink shoe from (your post on jipaban) ? Thanks =)

  5. Hi Peishi :) why you so chio?! Haha. Anyways, can you take a few pictures of how it'll look like if you wear it? And which shop did you buy the strings from? :) thanks!

    1. It's has a few branches in SG. In Jurong Point, the shop its called Crystals 'N' Beads or something. I've been there, but I can't remember whats the exact name. Not sure if I'm right. You can go check it out at . I hope this helps! :)

  6. Hello :) where did you edit these photos? The font so pretty xD

  7. Pretty headband. Nice. =)

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