Fly with me.

I have no idea how to start this post.
First thing's first, I'm sorry for the lack of posts (as always). I have a few posts lined up for you though. Please be excited....PLEASEEEE LOL.

Been really lazy lately. Stayed at home for the entire week and I did absolutely NOTHING PRODUCTIVE AT ALL :(

Next week WILL BE exciting....I hope!
I hope my friends will be less busy so we can all hang out.

I'm going on a vacation! Squeezing my brain juice out so I can schedule a few interesting posts for you guys. Need to schedule them so my blog wouldn't be dead when I'm away.

*This is the "Omfg my neck's breaking!" pose lol*

I'm going to Genting this weekend (Thank you Nuffnang!)! Just for two days but I'm so excited!
Genting's one of my favourite place to go! I've been there every year (or twice a year) ever since I was born wtf.
My relatives are mostly Malaysians so that's where we'll usually hang out during the holidays.

Oh yes, for those who are interested. This is my usual makeup when I take photos for adverts! Sometimes, I'll do it without falsies.

Don't have much to update you guys but thank you so much to those who are still reading despite the lack of posts!
What kind of post are you interested in? Tell me and I'll try to schedule them for you!
Comment below! :D


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