A little bit of Nelly Furtado

I was given a pair of tickets to Nelly Furtado's concert at Hard Rock Hotel the other day.
Brought Wanteng along. If you still don't know about her lol, she's a person that I wasted half of my life with HAHA.
Didn't take a lot of photos that day because my complexion was bad :(

Then! We got to Chili's for dinner.
The food there are definitely worth the price.

Some bacon chicken something LOL - $18

Grilled Prawn Penne Pasta - $19
I know, that photo looks like something I ripped off from a menu/cookbook. *Flips hair*
Bahahahaha I'm good at this, admit it! LOL.

Got to walk around waterfront station before queuing into Nelly Furtado's concert!

Look at the crazy queue! There are still a whole lot of people behind us O_O

I met up with Zoe Raymond there as well!


Finally got into the concert hall!!!

It's outdoor and we were all super annoyed by the weather!!!
Stood there for 2 hours straight for Nelly Furtado's arrival.

And taadaa! She started off with one of her hit songs "Maneater". I have to admit that was pretty damn good.
-Cough- But honestly, that's the only song I've heard from her.

Only managed to hear three of her songs since it's getting late and we're super tired and thirsty.

Some super blurry photos of her!

And then we went to Vivo to laze around.

I really like Vivo City because I realized it's the only place that I can laze around at night, without feeling bored.....despite it being quite a boring place wtf.


That's all for that night. Super tiring so I resorted to skipping school the next day haha.

"I'm sorry I skipped school today."
I'm always sorry. xD

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