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I do favourite products post once in a blue moon so I don't like to call it "Favourite products of the month" LOL.

I'm a very picky person so I will rarely like a certain product.
I mean, if you want to list it as one of your favourite, it has to be something that works brilliantly well right?

Anyway, some products I like recently :)

Dollywink Otona Eyelash : Number 10 Sweet Cat
I LOVE dollywink eyelashes so most of the Dollywink eyelashes are under my list of favourites.
They are super soft and it doesn't feel like a 'burden' on your eyes HAHA.
You should totally invest on a pair of Dollywink eyelashes even though they are uber expensive because it can last you FOREVER if you take good care of it!

I have been using the bottom pair of eyelash for about 4-5times already and it still looks brand new! Super durable! :)
This series is one of my favourite because it is very natural and is also very suitable for everyday use. When I find mascara a hassle, this pair of eyelash will be the substitute!

Sana Pore Putty Face Powder

This face powder has been in my collection for quite some time already but I rarely use it because I like my trusty Mac studio fix.

Recently, I took it out to try and I was quite surprised by the result!
It will look a little too crazy on if you were to hang around outdoor as there are shimmer pigments in it. BUT it definitely made my skin look flawless! Can fight with my mac studio fix LOL!

Last favourite on the list is a new product that I bought supposedly out of impulse lol.

Loreal Glam Shine : Miss Raspberry 707

The packaging is so adorable! Look at the swirls!! Reminds me of the Victoria's Secret's lip gloss x)
I have to say I bought this lip gloss partly because of the packaging....

The colour and the smell of it is just..... yum. LOL

The colour is super pretty. So far, I think it doesn't last long on the lips as it dries out in about...a few hours.
But the colour is crazy gorgeous, just look at this.

It's like bright pink + coral !! I have been look for this for quite time now so I'm soooo happy to see this! Furthermore, it's glitter-free!!! :D

So these are my recent favourites!
Comment below and tell me what you're liking recently :) !

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  1. The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX BB cream! Coverage of a foundation but as light as a cross between a BB cream and tinted moisteriser! :)and L'Oreal Collagen Mascara, super volumising, makes you looks like you have a ton of eyemake up on with just mascara! ;)

  2. Hi, can you do a review on maybeline's bb stick?=)