Furby 2012

I wanted to give this post a creative title but I couldn't think of one lol.

Nuffnang brought me to Hasbro's Furby event the other day!

When I was younger, I want a robot toy so much but they are quite pricey and I already have a lot of cooking sets and barbie!
So, when Furby1998 was introduced, I didn't manage to get my hands on them.
Also, I have to admit the older version of Furby freaks me out a little HAHA.

But!!!! I went to look for the newest version of Furby on YouTube! It is SOOO cute!

AND it is even cuter in life!

Everybody's so amazed by how adorable they are!!!

OMGGGG look at them mingling around!!!

Apparently, Furbies can interact with each other.
They can dance to any music, eat, sing, talk in Furbish (their language, but they will pick up English along the way). They can do a lot more things, watch the video below! :DD

The 2012 Furby have LED eyes so they don't look as dead as the 1998 ones!
And I think 2012 Furby is a lot more huggable :)

With Rachell, Yina, and all the 6 different Furbies at the Media Launch :D

You can't see the eyes because it's made of LED but here are two shots of Furby with eyes HAHA.

The new furby has a mind of its own so it will change attitude according to how you treat it :O

Okay, out of Furby topic a little but... FOOD OF THE DAY LOL.

Anyway, Rachell and I got super super excited because we were told that......


Apparently, it will only be out on 16th September...which means we get to play with the new Furby first!! :D
Furthermore, we were already super attracted to Furby during the event! AHHHH!!!

Took some polaroids too !!

I took the orange/coral one!
AND I NAMED IT FURBALL HAHAHAHA. I know, how original.

I realize I can never give anything a unique name.
I named my bunny toy bunbun and my puppy toy......Puppy...in chinese lol.

Anyway, yay! I'm so happy I have my Furball now.

I think Furby's made for #foreveralone people like me... O_O

So yes, if I remember it correctly, you can preorder Furby2012 at ToysRus!
It will be out on 16th September. It is about $119 if I'm not wrong. :D 

Kah-may-may-oo-nye! (That means Me Love You in Furbish.)

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