Spell me awesome.

I know I know, I'm bored of my face as well lol.

But here's more.

Anyway, I'm supposed to study for my test tomorrow.
Which means I will be getting super busy these few days!
I was in such a rush so I can finish all my work on time -_-
By work I mean taking photos of myself + doing advert + blog post + study + going to school + mail all the giveaway stuff (wtf so delayed I know) xD

I wanted to do a requested video on "What's in my bag" but I thought I'm pretty lifeless recently and the only bag I bring out is my school bag.
And it's quite stupid for me to do a "What's in my school bag" video 'cause I usually just throw in some makeup and charger and cables to school.

Actually, I feel like I get uglier the more I camwhore. It's either I got disgusted by my own face or I'm just getting bored of camwhoring. BUT considering how much I actually do it, I love camwhoring. Doubt I'm bored of it. AND if I love camwhoring, that makes me love my face lol.
So I have no idea why I think I'm becoming uglier.

And you just spent about a minute reading something THAT useless.

And another 30 seconds.

 The last photo that I thought I look quite not bad.
Admit it. HAHAHAHA.

Alright. Just some random ramblings.
Sorry if I happen to not update much but I always have my 'micro-blog', twitter!!

Are you lost? Why don't you follow me? #TwitterPickUpLine LOL

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  1. Why dont you do a what's in my school bag video? Anyway, probably nobody will think that other people's bags are boring. :D