Some new products I bought.

My memory cards are broken. I'm so annoyed. REALLY ANNOYED.
I think my laptop's the cause of it. But honestly, without the two cards, I can't take any pictures. Which also means I can't blog.

That aside, I took some photos before both of my cards broke.
I bought two new acne products a few days back because of my crazy break outs.

People have been raving on and on about these so I thought I should try them.

Acne clear patch 36pcs for $7.90, Watsons, and Acne Clear Pimple treatment cream for $5, Guardian.

Anyway, I didn't really see them work on me. It's been three days or more and my pimples are still as bad. But still, I'll continue to use them to see if they help.

Also bought Maybelline's BB clear stick to try. Haven't really use it much so I can't do a review aout it yet.

So far I kindda like it for its quick application.

I'll try to fix my memory cards else I might just kill myself.


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