Organizing tips.

So I was organizing my accessories..and I remember how girls ALWAYS have this huge problem with their accessories!

"Omg I spent an hour trying to figure out how to untangle this mess!"

I know, I know! Our necklaces (or in some cases, bracelets/earrings) always get tangled together in our accessories box and it's such a hassle to untangle them!

BUT! Here's a solution to this problem lol.

Pack your necklaces individually in small zip lock bags!
They are translucent so you can see what is in each bag clearly, which is a good thing so it wouldn't be a trouble to look for the accessory that you'll want to use.
It wouldn't be a mess if you store them up in a box neatly. They are all in bags so they won't scatter around.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you wouldn't spend an hour trying to untangle the tangled mess xD


I bought these small zip locks from those neighborhood value-dollar shop called "First-price" around Jurong. They are about $1 for like 28 pieces of these small zip locks!
You can easily get these so you don't have to go to the shop I went to!

I arranged my necklaces in a box, earrings and bracelet in another! :D

You can arrange them neatly so you wouldn't spend too much time looking for your accessory.
But, I'm lazy so...yeah.

I thought this post will be too quick if I were to share the accessories organizing tip only, so, I added some other quick tips too!

I have quite a number of hair accessories (especially hair bows)!
It will be SUPERRRR messy if I have to store them in a box, and it will be impossible for me to find the hair accessory I want to use.

Here's how I store them!

Clip them all on an unwanted belt!!! 

These are just my hair bows because they are too big to be kept in a box!
I have a lot of them because I use to make them! My hobby was to make ribbon bows and sell them xD

Some small hair clips are easier to keep so you can throw them all in a box ^_^
(I haven't find a good spot to store my hairbands, they look messy everywhere they go lol)

Anyway, boxes are your best friends when it comes to organizing things.
I use boxes for almost everything :)

Black stockings in this one!

I store shades and meganes in a big box too :D

Daiso sells them at only $2 for different sizes - just in case you're interested!
I'm going to get more of them!

That's all for now.
I hope this helps! Love you all.

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  1. Omg. I keep all my accessories just like u :)

  2. hi peishi, do you think you could do a tutorial on how to make the hair/ribbon bows? :)