Cool people.

I went to town with my parents yesterday.
Yes, ONLY cool people does this ;)

Have YOU ever bring your parents to places that you'll usually hang out with your friends?

I brought them to see KOAS banner in the lifts!

It's a bit funny to show your parents your crazy big ass photo in the lift wtf.
That's mommy with little sister!

After a while, we went to cousin's house 'cause it's my little niece's first birthday!!!

"What's up people."

Happy one year old little Christel!
She's one of the cutest babygirl I've ever seen. Not showing favoritism just because she's my niece bahahaha.

One of her little friends who crawled to me! *_*

By the way, my niece is sooooo adorable!!
I put my face really near her face and she moved towards me so I can give her a kiss on the cheek!! ♥

Eyes were extremely small yesterday because I didn't managed to sleep at night wtf.
Opened REALLY big so you can see my eyes lol.

With daddy!

Christel cutting her cake with her daddy mommy!

She was sleeping but everybody wants her to wake up so we can cut the cake!!
Look at her tired face lol.

But then she got back to her energetic self after cutting cake LOL!

Happy birthday Christel!! :D

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  1. Speishi, i bet your parents must proud have a good daughter like you. your are talented & beautiful.
    aww.. you niece's eyes just like a doll eyes. very cute.

    God bless you and your family.