Been a while since I blogged!

So.... yesterday was a long day, but was a god-damn happy and fun one too!
I'll blog about what happened yesterday next time ;)

After the fun thing, I went down to TCC at Somerset for dinner with Rachell, Billy, Xavier and HuiXian!
Noah came to join us after that!

Apparently, there was this GSS sale going on, so the main courses and pastas were at 1-for-1!
The price is about $20+ for a main course/pasta, but since there's 1-for-1, you'll just have to pay for the more expensive one.

I shared with Rachell, and the bill turn out to be about $12.80 each!

Xavier's mini crayfish salad.

Billy's Seafood Aglio Olio.

Rachell's mini crayfish spaghetti.

And my Mentaiko Salmon Tataki blahblah.

Yummmm. Makes me hungry again lol.
It's very filling but I don't find it very very good though.

Sorry for not updating that much, exam period (this is just an excuse wtf), I'm very busy (another useless excuse).

I'm just tired and have nothing to blog about lol.
But seriously, I've been quite busy lately! Super tight schedule so I can't go out and have fun, which also means I don't have anything to blog about! :(

Alright love you all, as always. 

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