RingRangRung (Advertorial)

Hello guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging.
Tolerate me for a bit more as I'm coming up with something that I'm sure you'll fall in love with. ;)

I mean, who doesn't like to have gazillion accessories so you'll get to choose which to match your outfit?

Of course, if accessories are crazy expensive, you wouldn't be able to get TONS of them to keep and match your outfits.

BUT, here are some really cheap and pretty accessories just for you!

One expensive accessory out there can get you at least 5 or more from RINGRANGRUNG!

Just SOME of the things I fancy from their shop~

 Moustache, when you're feeling super tumblr-ish!
It's very trendy now and it's selling CHEAPPPP at RINGRANGRUNG!

 Matching earrings!
 Feeling like a sir ? ;)

Or if you're feeling girly,

Flowers scattering around your fingers~ Stunning *_*

Gorgeous heart shaped leopard print necklace!
With that cute little heart at the back.

With tight budget, you can still get lots of pretty accessories from them!
Rings, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, earrings and many more..

Get yours now from RINGRANGRUNG!
40% OFF from now till 22nd May 2012.

Also, LIKE their fb page for FREE NORMAL POSTAGE! :)


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  1. Totally irrelevant. But this is guy really looks a bit like Noah, do you think so? http://lh4.ggpht.com/_NWD6eKBy8S8/SsEzXkOYLCI/AAAAAAAANTE/Ri3_qc_JQKM/P1020260.jpg