Review : Koji spring heart liquid eyeliner

I've been wanting to try this for quite long already !

It's a product by koji , and another product by koji is DOLLYWINK by tsubasa masuwaka !

So i was guessing that spring heart may not be that bad afterall ! Since they are under the same company.

Went to google arnd for the review of spring heart eyeliner but cannot find any !
So i decided to just get it since its fairly priced ! ^_^

And it's worth a review about :)

This eyeliner have felt tip , unlike majorlica majorca automated eyeliner that i've been using .

And i think , felt tip is WAY easier to apply than brush tips! :D

I have swatches of them on my hand for a smudge proof and waterproof test.

Before the test.

And after..

Just like Dollywink eyeliner , it is not waterproof (sadly) , but as you can see , water will not remove 100% of the eyeliner away .

It is also not smudge proof . i am not sure if dollywink is smudge proof , but after rubbing this spring heart eyeliner , it's half gone.

If you're a fan of waterproof/smudge proof eyeliner , you may not like this.

But I gave it a yay because i like easy applications ! :)

Retailing at $9.90 , watsons or meidi-ya !

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was wondering if it was long-lasting !! :)

  2. Awww this was your first blog post!