From 0 to 100: My Personal Tips to Flaunting Shiny Luscious Healthy Hair

Everyone has this URGE (at least once in their life) to get their hair CHOPPED and that’s exactly what I did about a year back. I went for a huge change, chopping my hair slightly above my shoulder – the shortest my hair has ever been!

The main reason why I decided to make this huge hair-change was because my hair was already severely damaged. I dye my hair pretty often and there was this one period of time where I went to get my hair dyed ash grey 3 times! The bleach was probably too strong for my hair and it just caused my hair to go haywire (literally).

I couldn't stand it any longer 'cause my hair was about to break into half anyway so I thought might as well start fresh!

I honestly LOVED having shorter hair, it was so fuss-free, comfy and it looked great. But as everyone says, grass is always greener on the other side. I really wanted to get my long locks back, but the process to getting long healthy hair once again was no easy feat!

Just like how our fringe will have an inevitable awkward stage when we're trying to grow out our bangs, my hair reached an awkward stage as well!

My hair isn’t thick to begin with. What I realized as I was trying to grow my hair out was while it is growing as it usually does, the hair growth didn’t seem to be as thick as it used to be. My hair was extremely damaged from all my previous hair dyeing sessions, which is why my hair strands were continuing to break even after cutting my hair short. I was so devastated because so many of my
friends were asking me why my hair looked so thin, and why I didn't leave my hair long the way it was previously... I really just wanted my strands to grow back strong and thick ASAP but it was taking way too long T _ T ...

This was how my hair looked 4-5 months after cutting my hair short.
It seemed like my hair didn't grow at ALL, and it looked WAY thinner than when I first cut my hair short.

The crown area of my head suffered the worse, with my hair looking sparse and thin. I desperately wanted to get something done to revamp my locks!

I put in A LOT of extra care and effort into getting my hair back in 'shape'. Here is my daily hair routine plus tips and tricks to flaunting long healthy and luscious hair!


I visited PHS HAIRSCIENCE® to check the condition of my scalp. I got a better understanding why my hair felt so thin and YES thin lackluster strands are due to a less than healthy scalp! I mean afterall hair growth starts from a clean and healthy scalp!

Here's my first visit about 6 months back at PHS HAIRSCIENCE CAPSULE outlet located at Bedok Mall.

My main concerns, which I shared with the PHS trichologist-trained expert, were hair thinning & mild hair loss.

You can see from the screen how thin my hair was omg. T _ T Not only did I get to my scalp up close, I also learnt a lot about hair follicles as well!

The PHS Expert recommended I go for the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Stem Cell Solution as well as their FEM Thickening range to help thicken my hair!

I've been using the PHS HAIRSICENCE FEM Thickening range religiously for about 6 months now~

During the consultation, I found out that my scalp is very sensitive as well so they recommended the ADV Soothe Shampoo to use on alternate days with the FEM Thickening Shampoo! Not only does the ADV Sooth Shampoo provide intensive hydration for my scalp it also relieves irritation and inflammation of the scalp!

I really like the ADV Elixir from the first picture above [glass bottle next to FEM Thickening Shampoo!] – A pre-wash product, I leave it on my scalp once a week for 10- 20mins before my daily shampoo to clear the buildup from my scalp. My scalp feels super refreshed and extra clean after each use!

Always remember, healthy scalp = healthy hair hehe. You can only have strong healthy hair when your scalp is healthy and clean!


Since my hair is EXTREMELY damaged, I try my best to moisturize as often as I can!!!

I have tried SO MANY different types of hair masks, recently I picked up PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Hydrate Argan Oil Treatment Mask which I've been using it at least once a week since!

Tip: While it can be super tempting to slather on a hair mask after the end of each day because you want fast results, hair masks are not for everyday use! It can actually lead to your hair going back to being thin and flat! I actually condition my hair on a daily basis, and only use hair masks on a weekly basis!

Tip: IF you want EXTRA care for your split ends, trying adding some hair oil in your hair mask!!! The hair oil will help make the ends of your hair extra shiny and soft~~
head down to the salon to get treatment done to my hair at least once a month as well!


I’m so used to drying my hair with a hair dryer because without it, my hair will turn into a messy lump of hair if it's air-dried. I try to blow dry my hair until its 60% dry nowadays just to keep it nice straight and I leave my hair to air-dry after that!!!

Tip: ALWAYS remember to apply heat protectant on your hair BEFORE blow drying as heat causes a lot of damage to our hair!!!

This is how my hair looks now after 6 months of EXTRA CARE AND LOVE.


I still need to pay extra attention and care to my growing locks before it goes back to my Rapunzel hair but it's definitely getting there!!

Here's to pretty hair!!!!

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